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Is An Efficiency at English or Any Foreign Language, A Criterion To Judge Somebody’s Talents?


By: Anum Syed

Wow, wow, wow, are we still suffering with English dilemma, and trying to prove that English is a criterion to judge somebody’s talents???

If that is the case then all the French, German, Greek, Roman, Russian, Japanese and Chinese Philosophy…hers and writers and all the people of grand sages were either illiterates or did not have any talent.

To learn a foreign language, is a skill not a talent. It is always good to polish your skills of any language you like, but it should not be considered as a standard to measure somebody’s talents.

There is only one language on the face of this earth, the most beautiful, loving and kind, that is the language of your mother, which she spoke with, the very first words to you, to express her love and tenderness,

The very first sounds of the language, you got familiar with and started responding to your mother, as her most precious gift. The language, the beautiful sounds of your mother’s tongue, sounds of those soothing words, she uttered to help you, to establish a life long bond, between you and your mother.

That is the language, which should never be denied off and made you feel embarrassed off; as if that is a language of an illiterate… that is like calling your mother as an illiterate (Jahil)… denying your identity is far more serious issue than having a command on any foreign language.

That is the language you should all be worried about, if one day you have problem with that language, that is going to be serious problem, that means the Seed your mother had Sowed long ago to become a Tree, has his roots become weak. And the Tree is becoming embarrassed of his own beauty…

The roots of Faith and their strength are crucial for the health of a strong and healthy Tree. We are all Trees of our mothers, Motherland; we need to be faithful to our Mothers. We should all be grateful to all those Trees, our Mothers had Sowed for us, without taking in account, how less or much of a shady, they are for all of us… and continue our journey to better selves and better world… we all need to leave behind…

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