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Tahir ul Qadri Reality Exposed by Muzaffar Warsi in his Autobiography “Gaye Dino Ka Suraagh”


Scanned pages confirming Reality of Tahir ul Qadri exposed by famous Naat Khwaan and Poet, Muzaffar Warsi in his autobiography “Gaye Dino Ka Surragh”












  1. is ka kia saboot hai k warsi sahib theek frma rahy han?

  2. Zubed Bhatti Makhdoom

    Sab harami hain……….exploitation of religion is unsurpassed in Pakistan.
    no where in the civilized world religion is used for fullfilling political aims except Pakistan.

  3. This is fate of any mindful worker in any political party in Pakistan. No wonder if Muzaffar sb is cheated and deleted. Simplicity is not required when you join a politically motivated leadership as a mere SIPOHY. If you cannot secure yourself why you join defenceless? I am 100% sure to check the underlying strings of economic exploitation when you join a ‘personality driven’ movement.

  4. so some guy got greedy and invest his money in what others told him now he didnt get the results he wanted so bash mr. qadri because he lost his money of his own stupidity. its easy to say where this hating auther is coming from.

  5. wtf? who is updating this site? DUDE? You are puttin bipsha and co pics instead of post! WTF happened to your eyes!

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