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Waiting – Kalim Ahmad


By: Kalim Ahmad

After all the elementary question is, ” what is time?”. Scientists and philosophers are constantly trying to unveil this mystery since long.

One of them says, “present  is like a hole through which future passes to become past”.

We always complain the fleeting of time. It dejects us very much as it is a symbol of our vanity. This fleeting away of time is suggestive of our mortality which transforms our youth into a helpless oldage. At violet hours (evening) when I observe the sun sitting in the blood-red sea, I ask myself ” being sitting idle, why my life is passing and my sun is going away?”. This make me terribly shocking, my question demands answer which my mind does not has.

All of us are tormented by the passing hours, we feel as if we are reeling into the lap of a black valley devoid of happiness and fortunes.

When Pythagoras was asked, “what is time?” he answered that time is the soul of this universe. The answer given by Pythagoras justifies that if universe is a body then time is its soul and if there would have been no time, the whole universe would be no more than a coffin.

Time resembles a river composed of events which happen, and its current is strong, no sooner does anything appear than it is swept away and another comes in its place, and very soon will be swept away also.

Saint Augustine opined that time is confined only in the universe, outside the universe there is no time. This is an enough proof that there is no time for God. Such a grand Opinion might not be a trifle one. It clearly explains that there would be no days, no nights, no sun set and sun rise, also perhaps there would be no “waiting”!

So I want to flew away outside the universe to avoid waiting for unreal happiness, so that I may enjoy a “forever” company of my beloved and whenever my beloved is no more with me there would be no waiting.

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