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Aashiqon Kay Ward Say Braah-e-Raast – Ammar Jaleel


  1. Sixty six years rolled by since Balam alias poor masses is in the plight. He has remained for such a long period in precarious situation that no one has ever seen another in the history of sub-continent. It seems history has become frozen for him. But this time he was implicated in the cobwebs of T.V. advertisements in the name of a nonsense Valentine. He wanted to be ultra-mod by presenting the gift of of roses and choclates to his old class fellow, where he was badly beaten by her healthy sons. He had to be admitted in hospital. There he saw that he was not the only victim under that head but a ward full of such lover were admitted. As we know a limited portion of our GDP is earmarked for hospitalization of people, there a number of injured of bomb blasts and bullets are treated in hospitals from where this Valentine came who brought the injured to add burden on our hospitals.

  2. vah vah zindagi men pehli’defa aisa pur lut’f column parh’ne ko mil’a lalil bhai khus rahen.i share this column.

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