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Dewta Faqeer Ki Nafs Say Jang – Ammar Jaleel



  1. Yar. Watayo Faqeer Aur Dewta Faqeer men Bohot Farq hey Bhai.


    Sir, Ammar Jalil sahib from where we can import people who are able to crush their “NAFAS”. But in pakistan it is general practice to step a head of “NAFAS”. In Sindh our so called political leaders are symbol of nafas” free. They are always in habit of shinning on PRADO, BOSKI SUIT, LOT OF GUNMENS,ARROGANT FACE, RUDE SPOKEN,without knowledge of their subject of ministry. What will be the fate of our sindhi common people. ALLAH may give us courage and sense to elect common sidhi intellectuals, engineers, professors and other ables to represent sindhi ppl; in political arena.

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