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Hum Nay Dehshat Gardi Ki Thaan Li Hay – Ammar Jaleel

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  1. There is an old party in our all untrue world, namely Pakistan Indigents’ Party, abbreviated in local dialect as PKP. It is the largest single party, having mandate of bawa adam, the great grand father of all. This partty was born godfatherless, so a lunatic asylum return, Generous Baba was made as godfather of the party. He had great experience of thinking so was taken as senior member in think tank. He suggested that party has never ever remained part of activities that it can take benefit under the acclaimed formula of reconcialation just as Talban is now offered. Generous Baba after deep beating of his brain advised the party first to do the activities of Talban then talk to get benefits under reconcialiation formula. Purposefully the source of funding to carry out the activities of Taliban will be searched and informed to all ubiquitous members of PKP.

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