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Azmat Ka Lamha – Javed Chaudhry

Once again the prolific Urdu Columnist Javed Chaudhry writes brilliance. A really beautiful piece of story telling art, a memorable Urdu article.


  1. Well, Perhaps CJ these steps prove to be among the very 1st stones on kong’s Palace.
    “dair ayad durust ayad”.
    Now some new commers won’t hesitate to alter the Judicial system and ammend it.

  2. We should move above the personalities …. People need justice …. whether it comes from any choudhary or someone else ….

    Why this so called Mr. Choudhary never took the initiative to revive the dead justice system of Pakistan ?

    Why he wake up once his position was challenged ?

    Everyone who behaved like an hypocrite was never ever successful in the history.

    Javaid Choudhary should kindly ask Justice Choudhary why his patriotism wake up when his position was in danger ?????

    Why ?

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