Chewing Gum

Javed Chaudhry writes an inspirational story!


  1. raheel Afroor Hyderabad

    Very nice and Strong Chewing Gum

  2. very nice I think every Pakistani student make be a chewing gum than we will be a super power nation of the world (Inshallah)

  3. salam,i m doing an M.A now n i read a story in my sallybus of class 10th,same story like that,start may he mujay end pata chal gya tha,very good coloumn

  4. mai bht arsay say aap k colum partha hon ,har coloum parh kar sochta tha k kaisay kisi ko bton k ye zabardast hai aaj achanak ye site mili aur ye khuwahish bhi pori hogai k keh sakon k ye coloum zbardast hai,

  5. Dear uncle.Salam! Abu ke pas ek akhbar tha, mujhe tarikh yad nahin lekin aap ne us k aik colum (zero poit)men kisi bangali pakistani officer ka tazkira kia tha k Ayub khan k waqt men voh yeh kehta hua office se bahar nikla k “ab bengal ko pakistan se alag ho jana chaheay”. kia sindh k halat us se kuch aage nahin chale gaey?
    Uncle pl… jawab zaroor dejeey ga.

  6. , also fan of ur writing skills but only one objection…..y u r so biased in political views….u may knw better abt ur biased views better then me….

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