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Ikisveen Sadi Ka Wali – Javed Chaudhry

An gem from archives… Javed Chaudhry writes about Prof. Ahmad Rafique Akhtar!


  1. Plz send me column of mr javed ch. “ikisween sadi ka wali”

  2. aslam o ailkum,prof.saheb
    mera bhai or mein aap k fan han.aise alfaz hi nahi han mare pass k ap key shayn e shan kharaje tahesin pash ker sakoon.ap aik azeem or sache insan han,jo roshni pelah rahe han.Allah ap ki zandgi daraz farmaie.Ameen, talb e Dua Safia



  4. Hello Abdul Basit mein apki kuj help kar skon ga es mein…i know ap ne ju b likha mein ne sb parha hai par wohi jawab diya hai jis ka zikar us colum mein kia gaya hai….
    ye mere num hain apki kuj help kar don ga agr ap chahty hu tu….
    wese agr mein ye baat karon tu kisi ko bura nai lagna chaye k ALLAMA IQBAL OR QUAID-E-AZAM k bary kia khayal hai apka wese????wo b phr bury hu gy??? jawab ka Intzar rahy ga mujy..

  5. yehee tau masala hay ikseeveen sadi kay wali kaa durwaza inhee columinst aur badhay loogoon kay liay khula hay jau inn kau wali keh sakain.inhein publicity day sakain ..wali keh kur ajmair shareef pakpatun aur lahore kay walioon kee bayizzitee naa karain jin kay durwazay aam loogoon kay liay khulay rehtey thay.. proff sb is not a wali at all …yes he is a knowledgeable person

  6. Dear Chaudhyr Sahib,

    I will be grateful if you could send me the address / telephone no. of Prof. Rafiq of Gujar Khan

  7. good hamary mulk ko aisy logon ki boht zarorat hy.

  8. Ubaid Ur Rehman Baig

    mafhum e Quraan hai ke Allah talah jisko chahta hai ilm e gaib ata farmata hai, or beshaq wo har shay par Qadir hai, lehaza humen musbat soch rakhni chahie, or wese bhi kisi ke bare main achi ya buri ray qaim karne ya comment dene se pehle use jaan lena must hai, intehay zaruri hai, hope u,ll understand my point…..thnx all

  9. Ubaid Ur Rehman Baig

    very well said……..sab ache hain badgumani main na paren plzzzzzz

  10. God is Great.
    He has all the powers and qualities which are told in The Qura’n. We as humans have no right to lessen or add to the powers and qualities of The Almighty. If He wishes to have Kalam, Wahi, Kashaf etc…who are we to oppose or deny His Will.
    As a matter of fact the prevalence of ignorance has distorted the teachings of Islam. I assure you if you have doubts, that anyone who lies in the name of Allah, he or she shall be punished and disgraced sooner than later. But if anyone who speaks in the name of Allah and he or she is true in what ever he or she says then I assure you again that the opposers shall be doomed and destroyed ….
    Work hard in the way of Allah so that He may talk to you directly … don’t close the doors to yourself nor to others….He listens and He talks the way He wants …God is Great !!!

  11. khud ko bedltay nahin quran ko bedel datay hain yahan

  12. i want to meet professor..please could you help me..????

  13. For those who are looking for Prof. Ahmed Rafiq Akhtar

  14. Asslam-o-alaikum, very interesting colum by Javed sb. now i want to meet with Professor Ahmed Raffiqe.Any body tell me the address of Professor plzzzzzzzzzz

  15. I didn’t check my comments,so sorry if spell mistakes or sentence mistake as my job is not a grammar teacher and I dislike to provide chance of criticism to my ignorant brothers

  16. I still offer the prayer as the Al-Hadees offers and I was so strict on quran o sunna.Once I called a sufi on face,I don’t believe in peer mureed,all this is bullshit.While going back he hug me and that hug changed my life.I believe me,I who never believed on these and I was 180 degrees away from what they say.My life got changed,I saw Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him 4 times while doing some zikr(though it must keep secret)but my only purpose is I’m proud to say that I saw Peace be upon him only because I met with sufi.So please instead of commeting here,go and ask him that U r a liar,and teach him Islam.He anybody can speak,if have courage be like me who said to sufi colonel on face that I disbelieve it,but with one hug my life got changed.So please instead of spreading your own experiences go and talk with him,surely you will get hadayat.I’m eager to meet him,but never got time.

  17. Allah us sakhs ki shuhbat sy baychay humey Ameen.

  18. Good search chaudhry sh, pl put him on air please.

  19. aur Allah Quran main kehta hay k apnay aap ko halak na karo ….. ye prof. sahib to cigarette pi pi kar apnay aap ko halak kar rahay hain …. to jo Allah ki nahin manta wo wali kasiay ho sakta hay ….? baqol Ashfaq Ahmad ” jo Allah ko manta hay wo mosalaman hota hay aur jo Allah ki manta hay wo momin ….” !

  20. Syeda Saman Gulzar

    Very bad Mr. Shakeel Khan.
    aap k khayaal main wali aur sahib-e-kashf log sirf hundustan may he paaye jaatay thay aur paaye jaatay hain.
    bohot limited knowledge hai aap ka.
    no doubt Quran tou Quran he hai.
    lekin agar Kitaab he sab kuchh hoti tou Nabi ki zaroorat he na hoti.
    Hamen kisi achhay writer ki kitaab ko saajnay k liye ustaad ki zaroorat parti hai….. tou Allah ki kitaab k liye nahin?????
    anyways…………. agar aap ko Sufi-ism par believe nahin tou yeh aap ka personal point of view hai…. boht se logon ko nahin…..

  21. I want to meet this professor also. Can someone pls. provide the contact details ?

    @those who consider sufism/spirituality as hindu-culture…please broaden your knowledge, read some history… You will find there is no islam without spirituality..Its teachings came to India from Arabia, with its roots in Makkah and Medina.

  22. you all guys go and read some books of professor and then say about him i already read only one book and those days till today i always asked all my friens who goes to pakistan to brings books of professor ahmad i am agree with javid ch he is really as same as you write ;allah blessyou javid that you find these kind of peoples for us ;

  23. es prof. say aik baat bohat ajeeb kahi hay …. k main ne khuda se ilam hasil kiya hay …… kiya es prof. sahib par wahi nazil hoti hay ….. ??? ya ye Hazrat Moosa ki tarah direst khuda se ham kalam hote hain …… ???
    hamray pyaray nab…i Harzat Mohammad P.B.U.H ki taleemat par amal kiya beghair agar koi Khuda se qareeb hone ka dawa karta hay to wo yaqeenan jhoota hay ……

  24. May Hon’able Ahmad Rafique live long.

  25. mr.chaudhry,you can get the true picture of islam only by studying the Holy Quran especially translated by Muhammad Asad….the most enlightening and progressive translation….it sounds queer and strange to talk of sahib e kashf and sahib e nazar.the terms stem from indian islam…the hinduised version.basically mysticism is the product of declining islmic society after fall of Baghdad in 1257.and so far it has it has served to keep mulims from Quran and science and scientific thinking process.and 90%people would die before they have to think.it is an escape phenomenon.only those who don’t/can’t think on THE holy QURAN, they need and follow a mortal like themselves.mysticism has never been a hallmark of a progressive and developed societies. no example of any salutary impact of it on any nation can be cited.if any , please furnish.

  26. good but how can i reach Mr.Ahmed Rafiq. Thank,s Abdul ghaffar

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