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Zero Point - Javed Chaudhry

Agar Karna Chahain – Javed Chaudhry

If you are willing to do something, there are no excuses. In this latest Urdu column, Javed Chaudhry comes again with a motivational story of a electrician Saleem, who made his own path towards success. Brilliant Effort!




  2. tum jaisay be emaan log bhi to bahut ameer ho chukay hain, why don’t follow you.

  3. kehtain hain. jo rizq ALLAH J. J nay. likh diya utna. he. milay ga aggar hrram shamil na. ho

  4. Innshallah sir ab main bohat mehnat kron ga

  5. I dont agree with your story.
    ye sirf luck ki bat he or kismat he. warna boht hunarmand log boht kam kma rhe he

  6. think about it deeply

  7. I use to read you sir but it can be inspiring story but not fit to everyone. U just tell me hw many your class mates got fame like you. Sorry to say some of them will be more hardworking than you but U will be earning much more than them. Its all game of fate. Its fate U got money for writing such a simple inspiring story. Plz dun mind as still I like your writings,

  8. Yes I also a tired person in my field
    but I can do more
    I hope try try again

  9. Very well written but what about that Haji sb who believed on Saleem Sb and decided to gave him a chance to work on machine that was costing him a lot, I can see a real Hero in that guy apart from the benefits you mentioned that he’ll be getting after this successful experiment. Do we still have people like him these day???

  10. wow excellent very well written

  11. I agreed with Muhammad Asif.
    However, a good tonic for machine people.

  12. raja nawaz akhtar

    dear javaid i like your columns
    but i’m not agree with your this view becous i have not a dgree of engeneering but i can top engeneers learn from me on work sites but still m not reach to the stage which i want you are wrong jawaid its depend upon luck and fat

  13. Javed Sahib, I like the ways of your observation, explanation and conclusion. Please write some article, if possible, then in series,about the social life of people in Pakistan along with a comparison of other countries like, Malaysia.That, how people contribute and support the government to make the rules and follow. Our government is alone not responsible for our problems, ofcourse our people need to change their thinking and activities. Javed Sahib you need to think deep and deep about our rough social life so that, you could be able to make a strong comparison. Wallah A’alam, Thanks

  14. Not every Hard working is successful and not every successful is hardworking.
    Fate does matter.
    Agreed with Fahad Latif

  15. shame on you arsalan ;

  16. Exellent sharing Javeed.. I really impressed with this story… Moreover I am also witnessed of a such type of person who started his life from a waiter in a marriage hall and and gradually become a helper in engierring workshop and now he is just like a “sleem” a name in engineering related field with a very good post in an MNC…

  17. i think both luck and hardwork r complimentary for eachoter,if we do hardwork but luck is not wd us then our hardwork will not proof fruitfull………
    jis tarah har faqeer apni jholi phelata hy darbar per but kisi ko zyada milta hy kisi ko kam,struggle to sab karty hyn,in d same way har insan apny rab k aagy kashkool ly kar phirta hy,magar Allah kisi ki kismat men zyada to kisi ki kismat men kam likha hota hy,

  18. WOW, This article made my life. Thank you sir

  19. 60 saal se pakistan ko vaderey, beurocrasy , politician,army or business man hi 60 saal se pakistan ko kha or use kr rehe hain….
    nhi maloom ye log kis kism INSAAN hain….jo nasl dar nasl pakistan ko apni jagir samjh kre apni khwaishat ki aag ko boojha rehe hain or en INSAANO ki aag boojhti hi nahi

  20. as usual very nice great sir somebody said in comments that if haji sb dont allow him to do that then…..
    actually i think saleem did lots of struggle b4 saying anything to haji sb and its a univerasal truth that if u do struggle u gonna get success.

    sir plz upload the video of personality development lecture in superior university plz plz plz.

  21. AoA,
    “Bol Ke Lab Aazad Hain Tere…”
    kuch mein ne be bola tha,
    where did my comments gone?
    Shaid mere watan me lab sirf kehnye ko azad hain.

  22. No Sir you are wrong,
    without opportunity any skill is useless,
    I think equal credit goes to Seth Haji Sahib who allow Saleem to manipulate with his investment,
    If he dont allowed, Saleem would still be there still just connecting red and blue wire and his diagrammed walled would be repainted,
    you are just seeing the one sided picture,

    • Correct Leo, I am with u. God Bless u.

      Javed sb: Ab ye qismat hi hai na, k aisy columns likh kr u are making money and hamry comments tak koi nae partha 😀

  23. javd sb but Luck bhe bohat depend karti he mehnat ke sath sath , but no dout lagan lag jaey kisi kam ki to wo ho b jata he but phir bhe kahunga luck bohat imp he apki hardworking ke sath


  25. yes,everything can be done by man with the help of Allah.

  26. It is Fact Sir, we can’t make anything without struggle, we should try to keep working in any kind of field. And Than Allah Helps those who helps themselves.!

  27. It is Face Sir, we can’t make anything without struggle, we should try to keep working in any kind of field. And Than Allah Helps those who helps themselves.!

  28. Bohat khob. shukeria. Jazak ALLAH khair

  29. rightly said,
    Allah has bestowed every human being with several qualities.
    People who strive to utilize those qualities succeeds while the other as u said,”pahar pur baith kur b kangke rehte hain”

  30. Dear sir, I am telling my friend by SMS of your that Coloumn Because This is great Motivational Coloumn.

    Abbas Farooq

  31. AoA,

    Chudry sahib! I like the way you observe the things and I listen and read you with my great interest.
    But in this Salim’s matter, you forgot the element of luck and fate. When a baby become 3 months old in his mother’s womb, an angel come and write every thing for this baby on Looh-e-Mahfooz. Each and every word of his up coming life.
    My Father was more genius than Salim. He just learned how to repair cycle and radio in his childhood. But he could repair each and every kind of electrical and mechanical things.
    My father use to work in Sudia Aabia in company who build the roads. Once one of the most important electric generator had gone out of order. Company called the Japanese Engineers to fix the problem but my father stopped the company to call them and let my father tried. And my father fixed that problem. After some time director of that company had changed and he kicked my father off just for his personal clashes.
    When he came into Pakistan, he started a factory of fans but closed it with the loss of 1.2 Million rupees. We are still using fans which were made in that factory. But after passing 20 years, we have not changed even its capacitor yet.
    I have never seen a genius in electrical field like him.
    I have met so many peoples who are born without brain but with a better (some times great) luck. They get everything what the want, and without any effort. What will you say about them?

    In short, “Efforts” are not a single factor of success. Luck & Fate also matters.

    One of your fan,

    • Hazrat Ali ka quol hai k Allah sy jb bi mango, acha naseeb mango, q k mein boht sy aqal walon ko naseeb walon k pas kaam karty daikha hai.

      So, I am 100% with Fahad. Also I would like to comment that no doubt Saleem had to capacity to learn and memorize things, but he got the opportunity because of closely working with the Korean engineers. What if, he didn’t get this opportunity, tou foreman sy aagy aus ko aj bi koi na jan’ta.

      And with pardon, ap ko sirf saleem nazar aya, there are hundreds thousands people in Pakistan, who are working the way saleem did. Agr yakeen nae aata, tou kisi motor workshop py jain, the way the mechanics are repairing and modifying latest Japanese technology is marvelous aur wo ap ko hairan kr dain gy.

      Best Regards,

  32. zbrdast sir g,aj ki young generation ko b saleem ki trah had work karna paray ga keep it up

  33. Ok sir! U r right……agreed…..but think one point………if haji sab didnt allow Saleem to install machine then?????…..so……isnt it also the matter of LUCK or in other worlds…..rizq is not related to once wisdom….if it happened then all the foolish/stupid would have been died hungry…..

    • Agr ye haji sahb isy moka na dety to koi or haji sahb dy dety moka.. but koshishto bar bar krni chye… hmary saamny choontio ki misaal hi kaafi ha koshish krny k lie.. Allah sb ka nigehbaan ha us ny sb ko ek jesa dmagh hath paau die hn bs hm ny I sb chzo ko kesy Iistmaal krna ha ye hmy sochna hoga…

  34. Thanks for providing us valuables.
    Its really great example for all those people who want everything on their steps.
    God gifted us great country and great mind capability,so we can be richest person of the world.
    zara nam ho to yeh mati bari zarkhaiz ha saqi.

  35. Very Nice We all really need such Examples.
    Allah app per apni Rehmat keray Ameen

  36. yes u r right sir

  37. thats right

  38. i am agree with you sir ..its my strong believe that a man get s for which he strives..

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