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Dua Check Hay – Javed Chaudhry


  1. How did Khawaja Sahib know this all. Did Allah informed him directly or he got the knowledge of Allah’s these system from His Book or Rasool? He should have provided some reference from Quran or Hadith.


    Dear Ch:Javed Sb. plz. clear my confusion. The above said nawazish of ALLAH enjoyed by a smuggler, gambler,fraudulent and a corrupt politician just like pakistani. Should we accept that he is being awarded these from ALLAH for his wrong doing. plz. reply.

  3. Stay blessed. PLZ ask ur teacher how can we build adab and enkasaari in our prays??.:)

  4. Aaj First time Javaid sb ka coloum aisa tha jo last main theek tarah se conclude nahi hova… first time coloum parhne ka maza nahi aya…. first & second para theek tha , but khawja sb kay jawab mazay kay nahi

  5. Mind blowing .its true we must duaa to ALLAH swt for every thing.

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