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Hum Kya Log Hain – Javed Chaudhry


  1. salam chudhary sb… in fact we are colonial mind set. first, we don’t know democracy nor it is existing in our country. secondly, we, means Pakistani citizen are uneducated, if we are educated but we are not real educated. u know why? because low education system and i mean if u ask university student, can your vote bring change in Pakistan? his answer will be no because he doesn’t know his importance nor his vote importance, and other side he is unaware about policies government that who makes policies and how and why did make or makes whats importance? one other problem which we face in Pakistan. problem is that education system different in our country. Islamic school student, feel inferior in society. he can be friend of university student and because this he always tries to join his own company (be friend of Islamic school student) and try to join Islamic party. you will find very few people who got Islamic education and he is in ethnic base party or he is member of PTI, PPP, PMLN etc. according to me university student, include me, doesn’t dare to vote for good best candidate due to rigging and based election. one other problem we Pakistani use Islam as tool for our own purpose. since 65 years, we are trying to impose Sharia in Pakistan, never never and never…

  2. wants to take more…more….hul min mazeed….dear

  3. dear harees ka pait jahanam hota hay….Yawma naqoolu lijahannama hali imtalati wataqoolu hal min mazeed(in). Mention you the Day when We-SWT shall say to Hell: Are you filled? And it will say: Is …

  4. choudhri sb aj kal logon ne chehron pr naqab orrhay huay hn koi kisi pr kesay aitbar karay? ye politicions logon me aa kr bethen tou log pehchan b saken. ap hi batyen k agr awam ab k wot dain tou kisay den?

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