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Javed Chaudhry on Pakistani Politician's attitude & greed for power.

Retirement Plan – Javed Chaudhry

Javed Chaudhry on Pakistani  Politician’s attitude & greed for power.


  1. little disagree with your point….when you talk about common man…..its very easy to say plan your retirement and retire from your position, n some cases its not possible, you are a wealthy and rich person, you don’t know about the problems of common people….if common people retires from where he fulfill his needs…. aik nokri k baad doosri nokri is leay k haji sahab ne, clerk ne apni betiyoo ki shadi kerni hoti hai, apna gher chalana hota hai, its very to say to plan your retirement…..go and ask from those people how they spend their month…..I am not talking about those persons who already live below the poverty line, i am talking about those people who earns 30,000/- 50,000/- Rs in month and still facing problems……

  2. If our So called Political leaders are going to get retired early then their speed of making money out of this poor country will increase, and they will do looting in 4-5 years that they normally do in lifetime.

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