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Siyasat Ka Dil Khul Raha Hay – Javed Chaudhry


  1. Assalam-o-Alakum sir kindly notify and reply that why there is huge difference in your column s about Najam Sethi which you wrote back in 21st october,2008 and 28th March 2013.You said in 21st october ,2008 column,describing 4 hobbies of Najam Sethi,no.1:He likes to make fun of Namaz,Fasting,Beard of Muslim which are Islamic attributes.No.2:He(Najam Sethi) likes to have pet dogs but very dirty one and he says that he feel pleasure when dog barks at some innocent person.No.3:He(Najam Sethi) likes to organize drinking(wine) and dance parties.No.4:He(Najam Sethi)like to collect funds from America and India.You also wrote that Najam Sethi gained popularity in India by talking against “The Ideology Of Pakistan”…Sir please reply and tell why there is so much difference in your columns.Five years back you wrote against him to climax while today in 2013 you have not spoken a single word or write a single sentence in your column which you wrote back in 2008.Thank you!

  2. sir very true facts nd reality

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