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Madari 3 – Dr. Ziauddin Khan (3rd Column against Aamir Liaquat Hussain & Geo TV)

madari aamir liaquat hussain

3rd Column of Dr. Zia ud Din of Daily Ummat Karachi, against Aamir Liaquat Hussain and Geo TV.

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  1. Dr. Zia, I totally congratulate you for standing up to the evil deeds of Madari, despite of his criminal background you are fearlessly professing your point of view which is so rare these days. May Allah help you and invigorate your abilities to point out the evil deeds of current media and persons like madari !!!!!!!

  2. i read first coloum of Dr.Zia Allah jaza de dr shahab ko haqeqat waziha ki if aap ki behan se koi kahy k samnay daekho sharma q rahi ho camera idhar lao to kaisa rahay ga????? Liaqat k behoda prgram me aisa he daekha hai so i love Dr.Zia and pray for him not only Dr zia but also liaqat bcz i sure Allah apnay banday ki baat ko talta nahi hai mean dua reject nahi kARTA kuch yahan puri ho jati hai kuch akhrat me

  3. if you are saying that he is doing wrong than Mr. just have a lot at your writing what kind of words you have used. is it a Muslim act. Khuda dikhawa nai dekhta insan ki neeyat dakhta h. And who the hell are you to say such big words about him. Kia Khuda ka Khauf nai h. I am not in favor or against anyone. i am just saying that what you have written is no way legit. amir sahb ka Khuda na apne Ghar bulaya given such a big honor this means we should stay quite. Remember Khuda ki Lathi be awaz h. Hum kisi per tohmat laga k us k Gunnah Bhi apne sar pe le lete hn… mind your own business. and warn you for one more thing, he has given the responsibility to Allah and now allah will answer about everything. Jis ne Khuda ko apna Gawa bana lia ho and Khuda se Insaf manga ho to soch lo k kia ho sakta h……..agar wo galat h to Khuda khud dakh le ga.Khud ko museebat me mat dalo.

  4. very nice sir isi tarah likhte rahen………Allah jazae khair de.

  5. The writer is mard momin.All religious programmes implying greed are unislamic and no wonder most Islamic countries are suffering ataab. Allah save us.

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