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Meer Jaffar Se Mulaqat

Hamid Mir


  1. Greets
    The download didnt work for me, thank you very much for da info though
    Great site post.
    Cu Later

  2. yours truly couldnt agree more, myself, but not everyone is as clever as you seem to be. Or as yours truly seem to be! HA! :-p
    you look forward to reading more in da future.
    Yours Sincerly

  3. Dear Br. Mir,

    Brilliantly said, I hope you and your family are fine and holding strong through these tough times ….. I SALUTE your courage & audacity ….. you along with few others are the slight glimmer of hope in this violence torn country of ours.

    May ALLAH gives you more courage to stand tall, Strong & Hard in the face of tyrant call Musharraf.

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