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Gari Kab Chale Gi? – Naveed Taj Ghouri

Naveed Taj Ghouri writes about Pakistani societal habits of ignoring things which are not only violating their rights but also making turning them to cowardliness. He urges that everyone should speak to register their protest against any violation instead of just ignoring. Published in Daily Ausaf June 17, 2013.






  1. i am more then 1000% agreed with the writer. I always raise my voice even people look me strangely. In my view honesty and patriotism should be in your blood no need to show it to others.

  2. we must stand up for our right fire brigade ki aparwAI SE 6 MASSOM JAL GE lekan kisi ne metro cm se shkaitnhi ki.

  3. its true hm sirf gharon m beth kr socity kharab hony ki shikayatain he kr sakty hain aml ki zindgi m koi qadam nhe rakhta…

  4. Nice message to our nation. I will try to raise voice if I’ll face any irregularities or injustice. 🙂

  5. bhai jan hum ne aazmaya huwa hai jab tak ap awaz na uthaen ge tab tak ap ko insaaf nhe mile ga

  6. True picture. ….we dont realize our obligations as well as our rights……as a society…..we need to speak up for both

  7. an eye opener as usual–but i suppose so many eye opening articles from so many writters have not done any good to wake us up. we are in sound sleep.
    in your article you have rightly pointed out that we are living in graveyards–with no voice

  8. Inshallah everything will be fine but first we will have to change our self then everything will be fine

  9. thek kaha janab ap na,asal bat ye hy k hm khud zimedar hen in halat k,kio awaz nai uthaty zulm k khilaf,

  10. @ Ehsanullah

    phir bhi bolen, q ke aap ke lab aazad hain!

  11. Naveed sb ager ham bolty hain to log ham pr hansty hain ……buhat batain banaty hain ….we all r dead …

  12. Asslam u alaikum. Its nice . May you get more courage and bravery. if we want change we must start from ourself and from our home. thanks

  13. Naveed sahab sub kuch badlay ga…bus aap badal jay….har fard apnay aap ko badly ya mashra khud ba khud badal jay ga…Insha Allah.

  14. Good inspiration

  15. Yea pretty true. All we need a voice to wake us up but we won’t be that voice. Sad but true.

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