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Aakhri Moqa – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. nothing will change here mister orya,keep dreaming,till you people adopt true islam ,like the one Taliban practice,you wont get any peace

  2. marshal law is the best thing for Pakistan.democracy.democracy.an.democracy.democracy.democracy is a fraud for the people of Pakistan .Pakistan people only accept the rule of stick(DANDY KAY PEER HA)

  3. You are absolutely right Sir! The new generation who know a little about Islamic Shariah, they want Islamic Govt in Pakistan. We want Khilafat not Democracy because the only form of govt which insure peace is Khilafat. Sir we new generation are agree with you. Allah give us people who have mature thinking like you and think for the well-being of Pakistan.

  4. A Great column by Orya Sb! I totally agree with you Sir…

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