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Daur-e-Fitn – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. orya sahib you habe written the truth.but as usual you don’t want to believe or understand that iran and hizbulah are both satanic shia parties and they support murderer basharul asad only because he is shia
    . you people must realize that shia iran is greatest ebemy of islam,mister orya

  2. Mashallah your every article actually shakes me…

    afternoon i been talking about Jihad in Kashmire escalate after Mujahdeen finished in Khurasan, But!!! This article and Hadeeth you have put forward and i confirmed (http://islami-emaarat-arabia.blogspot.com/2012/03/hadith-regarding-syria-ongoing-event.html) from given link. look like fitna in Jazeera Arab gfoing to escalate so much they will have no time time react on Kashmir instead move to Syria, this indicates Imam Al Mahdi arrival rounds the corner… Allah o Akbar…

    I have seen a dream Where there were two sword one Ali(RA) and second Al Mahdi(HA) (which i learned later in dream) then in one instant Al Mahdi Sword disappear from Mian, then i see alot of people worshiping White Idol hoovering over them, where i heard that sword was belong to Al Mahdi…

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