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Khatarnaak Tareen Dehshatgardi – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. Shayad men likh nahn sakti lkn agar likhte tu yahi kuch hota jo ap ne likha hai ‘ Allah ap ko panjatan ke saye men abad rakhe.Amin:

  2. Ham log Allah(swt) aur us kr Rasool(saw) se to jang kar rhe hen, hamra yeh hal nhin ho ga to kya ho ga? Ab bhi waqt he, maafi ka darwaza abhi band nhi howa…!!!

  3. Brilliant piece of research .. For sure we are heading towards that society where Materialism prevails .. For sure we need an Islamic revolution like Iran otherwise we have no future

  4. Sir, you had depicted the correct picture of Electronic media’s role. expecting some sugestions to over come this problem In some other coloumn.
    Good work again.

  5. Zionists did the same to the Christian Societies in Europe, they made them liberal.
    The State Law has nothing to do with the Religion in Europe and US .
    As far as the ISLAMIC LAWS are not implemented here , we are moving towards the disaster of our society.

  6. assalam o aliakum
    bilkul such kaha aap ne Orya sahab …hamara media ab hamara dushman hy ye sirf hamara nahi pakistan aur Islam ka dushman h…..

  7. You keep writing and we keep reading. The people who really need to take action will keep silent. Un kay kaan par to joon bhi nahin reengti. But surely they will get painful punishment in hereafter.

  8. Sir u forgot to mention islamic punishment for this type of crime like all the other islamic scholars.

  9. Excellent article on the irresponsible behaviour of our electronic media.

  10. No matter what people like Orya Sb will write , the MEDIA and the so-called ENLIGHTENED people will never agree to this notion.
    Govt , as a silent witness to all this , is the MAIN CULPRIT.

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