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Khwab Baichnay Kay Mausam Gaye – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. wrong analysis.orya is wrong here…he thinks Pakistanis are civilized people.no they are not.peoples majority still want this system based on caste creed politics of corruption and murder of merit.pakistanis fear Islamic system like they fear death,orya himself is secular or he had written the fact that pakistans survival is only in implementation of system of sharia

  2. I’ll try to this survey and ask the question from as much people as I can…

  3. 4 me the solution is the fully funded and powerfulll nadra and election comission with online voting centres and web portals ….MNA and MPA should be the persons who already had served at local government bodies…and whoever is contesting at local union council level he sholud be funded by by election comission………all we need is religiously and technically awared and educated nation ..and it will need many years..but work can be initiated now…..presently only honest religious leaders,teachers and true mislims can do this….tableegh of islam and scientifc education and awareness is the only solution according to me……

  4. Mr Orya will u please suggest the amendments which are applicable….people are confused in Pakistan…religious people declare democracy null an void…while theybthemselves dont give any alternate solutions…people want the sharia but they are unable to make common muslim aware of their deen ,even they cant force people to understand the Namaz ….Once a valid suggestion is there i am sure this ideological muslim nation will implement that

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