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Sag-e-Dunya – Orya Maqbool Jan


  1. zakirullah musharaf

    sir we will see to the situation of firqa if they have against islam dogma then we should know that they r not muslim bcz we know circle of islam except those
    they dont have knowledg,problem is just in our understanding i think .if we clear it pick up real face of disbelirve people we can remove confusion from our society..

  2. well.orya writes mostly true things but he is misguided in this sectarian stuff.yes muslims should unite but they cant unite with such firqas as qadianis or sahaba abusing rafdis.because they are out of islam

  3. dear sir your columns r always an inspiration for us,but as a nation reforms r required in every department of our society not the revoulotion,education plays a pivotal role, especially in our rural areas.inshAllah a very bright future is ahead of us.

  4. khusoosiy’yat se pakistani avam ko maslak firqa-bandi lisaniyyat sooba’yet se buland ho kar sooch’na hoga jo ke impossible hai.

  5. ALLAH hum sb pe reham farmay.ameen

  6. hum log aik dosry ko nai se nai mushkil dainy waly loog hain sir kahan fursat k hum sochain kisi k derd ko khojian.
    jo ahkamat hmain quran pak main deiy gay hain hum sub pr lazim hai k usy smjain aap ka buhat shukria sir k aap ki is koshsish se ugr koi aik insan bi flah k rasty pr gamzan ho jay tu yaeh budi kamyabi ho gi aik muslman ki.jazakallah.


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