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Shoaib Akhtar Aur Tare Zameen Par



  1. i dont think people should create a controversy coz of such photo/photos. any fan can pose with a celebrity and then publish them on public forums. maybe the one at the pub was a little objectionable but why should we only blame the players for this???

  2. our board is not sincere with all our players like shoaib.they r not doing well with our great icl players,razzaq,imran nazir.they must took them for 20 20 world cup.we can not win even one macth in t20 world cup with this team.where is asif,razzaq, imran which r good players yousaf.if our players r doing any illigal task icc is not taking much action against them,but our board is also want to prove that we r so sincere.i think pakistani people have to rise against pcb for our players who will be lost by our corrupt board

  3. I heard from someone that shoaib says if i am getting wickets? what nation has to do with my private life???

    True everyone is answerable tohis or her deeds, but Shoaib no one can allow you to publish or promote your PRIVATE activities. You can do whatever you want but as been followed by many youngster you should concern what you do and how you do!

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