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Amreeki Jasooson Kay Haqooq – Talat Hussain


  1. Ch.Muhammad Siddiq

    Yes dear no doubt the state policies should always be highly in the interest of Nation.

    Unfortunately after the Great Quid we did not find leaders.We found dishonest rulers.

    Leaders always lead the Nation to achieves the goals of betterment and prosperity. Resultantly the Nation not only stands with honour but also comes in a position to lead the world as well.

    On other hand the dishonest rulers put the Nation in a situation as we are now.Every sector of life should criticize their policies and try to put them on right way.

    Even then an individual can not be allowed to build his own way of spying for others for his own interest.

    (Pewusta reh shuger se ummeed-e-bahar rukh) (IQBAL0

  2. We should think realistically instead being emotional….
    Our state decisions are not “Ahadees” that we should just agree to them and automatically understand that it is in our national interest. If that is so, than why we are at this perilous stage that our nation’s survival is intricate without foreign aid “the dollars”. In actual fact, state’s most of the decision (through out the history of Pakistan) have been proved to be blunders (specially related to foreign relations). And also, our state policy (Especially foreign policy) is not clear to the nation at all.
    My point is only that, Our Journalists should criticize the state’s wrong decisions publically so that Nation should come to know the reality and further blunders can be avoided. Instead abusing others and stoning Individuals only.

  3. Ch.Muhammad Siddiq

    Dear Talaat sahib: Well done you have written absolutely correct and disclosed those correctly who are pleading the Americans version. It is our bad luck that there are people ready to work for America for Dollars.

    Actually who opposes your views has lack of vision.

    There is always a difference between the state policy and an individuals action.

    If state decides to support America at an issue it may be due to some reason and surely should be in the interest of Nation. And this policy is always very clear to the Nation also.
    But if an individual supports America underground without knowledge of state and in his own interest for dollars and let down the country’s dignity is surely a spy. He must be punished according to the law.
    This will also discourage the further people to adopt this way of spying for other countries.

  4. Talat sahib, I am disappointed to see your views regarding Shakel afridi,
    Why you and most of other journalist are so blind and dump.
    Why don’t you write about our agencies who give VISAS TO CIA for spying freely. why CIA agents are allowed to operate in our country and who gave them permissions…Pls don’t misquide the nation. Are they (visa providers) not traitors..??
    And by the way, our defence minister is claiming that we have hepled US for OBL operation what about that..? should he not be convicted with Afridi…??
    Kam se kam aap se ye umeed nahin thee mujhe..
    one thing is sure, while getting DNAs, Dr. Afridi would not be aware that residents are OBL’s relatives..
    I agree, Dr. afridi did wrong but he should not be convicted for treason but for misusing of govt. mechinery only

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